k e v i n   c l a r k 

collage, comes from the french "coller"- to glue. it can be defined as an assemblage of different parts/mediums to equal a whole; layers of mediums which create a whole. the media i use comes from found objects; i deconstruct what someone may already deem as art or 2d component and repurpose it as my main medium.

i stumbled upon collage by accident as a means of expression. i had taken up journaling; but when i had difficulty writing what i was feeling- i started to interpret my feelings visually. art became my raw emotion expressed. thus, collage is my means of trapping an emotion that may not be expressed verbally. it is not always about pretty aesthetic or composition  - it is about the viewer and the emotional experience sought upon sight of the finished product. 

enjoy and find your personal "hue" :)



e : clark.hueru@gmail.com

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f: facebook.com/HueRUByKevinClark

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all photography by nash wagner : www.nashwagner.com